Amateur Radio Equipment Repair Service

Expert repair shop repairing most brands of amateur radio equipment including peripheral equipment such as linear amplifiers, station accessories, and power supplies.



On the right you see the primary equipment that I use here at the shop.  I have two bird 43 watt meters, not shown here as I am in the process of rebuilding a corner of my garage in order to heat a small portion of it so I can work during the winter.   A computer set up to run JT65 on our repaired radios as well as other services, including programming when needed.  with that being said I will test the repaired radios over the air on several different nets that are accessible here in the Pacific North West such as the Oregon Emergency Net on 80 meters, the Noon Time Net on 40 meters, as well as the Up The Crick Net on 10 meters.  I also burn in the radios for 24 hours.

Please go to our Contact Us page for information on how to contact us and also what we need in order to send you a tracking number for shipping your radio to us.  We have a phone number but we would really like you to contact us via email first.  I am really to busy to discuss anything on the phone.  If we do require more information we will either reply via email or call you by phone.


I do not buy radios and part them out, as a lot of sellers do on eBay.  I will however occasionally purchase a broken radio on eBay, rebuild it and put it back on sale.  I will from time to time have one on this site for sale but it will be ones that I like to use, and likely be only one or two at a time, and for a short time only, then they will go on auction at eBay.